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chris martin virginity

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yes i read about this article in some teensweb.com well not quiet sure about it.Chris says that the people ask him more about sex than music or personal life and he says his nicknames in the schools will all say that.

he never learned about sex and in school he was very knobhead and he doesn't like himself and so he don't know about sex.He calls himself as a knobhead student.


i also read that he says that he likes the rumours just like anyother person on him and if he finds some magazine on road he will read it and get surprised on the very own rumours on him.:laugh3: And he also says that people whne he is just walking on streets will not identify him,i look like a drug dealer he says.:laugh3:

Because of the publicity he gets after his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow.

well this all are the articles from 2003 year.;)


Sorry if my post is long!

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apparently he disclosed that to a reporter who was tape-recording the interview, and then chris looked horrified and was screaming "no, dont use that, please, no" and tried to rewind the tape over it, but jonny was cracking up in the background and told the reporter to keep it. this makes me laugh.

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loooooooooooolz... i read the same too !!!!!!!!!


at 22... lol poor chris....

well... look at him now... he's gwyneth paltrow baby's daddy...



Why is that so bad?

Or funny?

Should we all have sex before we even start acting by our mind and not by our hormones?






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