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Live 2003 Guitar Pro + Midi!!!!

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I used that track for the Piano bassnotes. In the book it's writen at the bassline ofcourse.

I made a combination of the bass and normal piano notes in one track.

Forgotten to remove the empty track.


To combinate the chords with the other piano is very hard to do.

It is possible but need some time.

What you can do is: Use Multitrack vieuwer and turn on the piano & chords.



I have a new song done for version 2, the song: Don't panic!

Busy with Everything's Not Lost now!

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Some good news! A few songs are finished for the second version.


It is absolutly sure that this songs will be in this version.


From Live 2003:

- Amsterdam(Done!)

- Don't Panic(Done!)

- Everything's Not Lost(30%)

- God Put A Smile Upon Your Face(92%)

- Yellow(50%)


Songs from other albums or b-sides:

- Bigger Stronger(Done!)

- Square one(85%)

- A Message(70%)

- White Shadows(Done!)

- Green Eyes(30%)


More is not sure.


All songs will be available with PDF for all instruments! & MIDI + GP5.

For the trial of this version, is Bigger Stronger downloadable.

Better, it already is! At Ultimate-Guitar.com!

But if you can wait, there is a new update of it almost done(TODAY!)

So wait a few minutes/hours for it!


Version one of the Live 2003 package will be updates as soon as possible!


Why did it so long to release this version?

Because it is not a easy job to transcript the songs in Guitar Pro.

And with not so much time it is harder, but the result is good.

Finaly i want to make all songs in Guitar Pro! End i have more songs done.

But i don't release them now, why? More great news!! There will be a version 3!!! :D

On version 3 will be (hopefull) songs from the new album!


So please leave a message and critics. It is nog a easy way to make songs digital and good!


Thanks for the critics.

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