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Mark, show your face!

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Maybe Mark is one of those Penguins seeking world-domination I keep warning people about.


I shall consult my feathered friends.


Yeah, you've got to watch out for those little guys. They pack a punch....!


(Anyone else remember my penguinssss?? Geez, I had that little gif in my sig for aaageesss...maybe it's time to bring the penguins back :sneaky:)

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There's something like 675 posts by Mark in the photo thread. :stunned: I give up! I almost got to the end, but no sign of his elusive mugshot.


There is proof that he posted one though (sometime before Jan 14th, 07): http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1952533&highlight=pictures#post1952533


I cease and desist. :shame:


Ahaha, i thought you said "i'm on the post 17 out of 29"

And a full page of posts is quite a lot :stunned:



Yeah.. sometimes i just can't read


- - -


What a lovely shot Renny :blush: i bet you took that during your backstade action :o


This could me two things :

1. Mc was there

2. Julia was wearing a Mc costume just for you




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