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Best place to visit in Europe?

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Sweden and mainly Stockholm. It's a beautiful city. Where you both find modern and very old architecture. It's a city build on island's.

And the Swedish archipelagos are amazing :)


But Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome are also very cool cities.

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I think if you want to clear your head, take a road trip from the south of france (for example St. Tropez) to Paris. Best vacation of my life. I know a lot of good places to stop/things to see along the way, PM me if you want more details :nice:

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I talked to some of my friends and they are saying greece is amazing. So ive narrowed it down to the uk, greece(sanatroni and mykonos) or Germany. Most likely it'll be greece. But most people on here seem to think barcelona is the best city, so im going to research it.


greece is supposed to be great. i've never been there myself but quite a few of my friends have they absolutely loved it. if you go to the uk, don't just go to london.

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