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Chris and Jonny

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aaAAAHHH they're still as adorable as back in the days UGH   (also hello )

https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQbc2Bho0Ry/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link   Chris and Jonny just today finished up a short 15minute session in the studio. It just hit me... think they opene

If my friend called me fat, stoned and a sex god in front of a massive audience I just wouldn't know how to feel about that.

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^I love it too :awesome::lol:


And OMG that other pic, Thalia :dazzled::dazzled: Jonny is just too cute for words on this one :nod::dazzled::wacky::heart:


UGH I can't watch the video as I don't have earphones with right now :bomb: And I don't think watching this video in the hotel lobby is a great idea :lol:





I can mute! I won't get all of the Buckin, I guess, but at least it's a start! :cheesy:


edit: :wideeyed: Thank you. I got my Buckin dose I feel even better now :awesome::lol:

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I love the way how Jonny stands there




WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :dazzled::dazzled::dazzled:


The others are great, but this one... DAZZLES ME! :dazzled::dazzled::dazzled:

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*googles Buckin-Love*








So relieved that my pictures don't show up LOL


Well SOMEONE (Dany) said to me that googling "Chris Jonny Coldplay" a photo of mine appears....... I'm so supposed to this sandwich!





That. Is. All.:nod:


Must...stop staring into Jonny's eyes...Must...stop... MEOWRAWROWOWOWOWOWOOW!!






from Chicago




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I mean really who cares. The only way I would care is of she had the seat in front of me because she's rather tall and might be blocking my view. Yo blondie, down in front! :veryangry2:



Damn straight! This is a bloody Coldplay show, and I'm only there for those four smokin men standing on stage :drunk:








Oh and the music of course :whistle:

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