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I'm really in love with the recording style and the harmonising of Ezra and Rostam's voices. It's just something about their sound as band that sounds really refreshing.


Worship You (I really want to hear this live) and Don't Lie are the stand outs for me :)

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Whenever a band shifts their style and I get upset about it, I get hounded by "ACCEPT CHANGE" and "IF YOU LOVE THE BAND, YOU'D GROW WITH THEM NO MATTER WHAT" and "YOU'RE NOT A REAL FAN IF YOU DON'T LOVE EVERYTHING THEY DO" comments. Generally, these comments are said by idiots. If a band changes their style, there's good change and bad change.


Vampire Weekend used good change. Very good change. Fantastic album.

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^ I disagree but I'll respect you anyway for having the balls to say it, because I'm honestly way too scared to go into the Of Monsters and Men thread and say the same thing, even though I really, really, really, want to. :laugh3:

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Just wanted to express my love for this band. Became a fan this year.






Modern Vampires Of The City is insanely good and I want them to win the Album of the Year Grammy.


I'm not religious but this album scares the shit out of me. They gradually tease and eventually summon Yahweh.

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