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sorry, popped out for a second because my new fan arrived (the thing that blows air, not a person)

pretty accurate thinking I guess  love fans with the weather they're talking about, we just got an airco


Useful :|


I know, no I understand a bit when it's spoken but not when it's written


I just found out my city is 42 meters above sea level




wow I'm late :|




I think mine is around 100 (where my house is) and it goes even higher

I'm also at 0 in like 10minutes :cool:

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Still have a little hope that after LP7 the forum will come alive


I think traffic will pick up as soon as the release of LP7 approaches or as rumors become more clear. And by the time the guys announce a tour, we'll have a lot to talk and write about.

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This place used to be my second favorite after Google :P


Reminds me the first time I signed up this forum, met so many people from many different countries.. Ahh memories :(

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But just to need to accept the fact that 14 years ago we didnt have social media. We had MSN, Yahoo, AIM chat all that kinda stuff, which I had more opportunities to talk one-to-one with Coldplayers through chats almost every night :lol: *Gosh I miss those days..*. Facebook existed in 2004, which I still used more chat messages a lot. However, I think around 2009 and above people were starting to more focused on social media and everybody started hanging around on there including Twitter.. How I miss those days when the forum was massively crowded!

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