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The Coldplaying Pub.


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:huh: uhm make a toast? what's that? :huh:


thanks Chavi ;) did it on Pub thread. ;)


(really doubted if do it with relating David in some way :rolleyes:)



he is online now and i'm doubting if send him a private message telling him that i had modified his page on es.wikipedia.org... ).


^^ any advice for the thing of my spoiler?



*gives free beers to everybody again*

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Raise our glasses in honor of you !! ;)


DO IT !!! Send him a message and tell him also how you feel about his music and how he made you go NUTS for the last week :D


*takes the free beer*


can I have some peanuts ?

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*some more music to party*


(jukebox playing: la casa azul, mika, placebo, muse, coldplay)


hope you like, pick the one you prefer ;)




i'm afraid that i tell him how NUTS i've gone i'll scare him lol :wacko:



really is just to mention him that, seriously, if he want me to update it, or to delete something.. but i dunno if he will understand the content.. btw now people is linking-comenting him his concert :D

(i really dunno if he answer them back, but i'm sure it was he who accepted me, so guess that if someone writes him he'll answer back..mah why do i'm that pensitive always :thinking:



Peanuts for free too (lol it seems like a so south spanish pub now :wacko:) Tapas y pinchos para todos :D

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Oh dear !! who the hell put Mika in the jukebox.... :dozey:


*inserts coin in the jukebox*


"When I was a young boy I tried to listen..." :dance:


i'm not a profesional lol.. any request in particular?


i like mika, he makes good music for parties, here at disco is always played him... i'll end putting some Mr. DF medley and you'll see :P


*more music more *


if nobody request me anything in particular.. :uhoh: .... may you won't like what i will play.. :uhoh:

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thanks Ari !!


*drinks and pretends she didnt hear what Melanie said..* :P


some music DJ ?!


*My drugs got me in bed went up to my head and I really dont wanna depend so I'll stick to my friends and my friends and my car and my friends* :dance:



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