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The Coldplaying Pub.


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Euummm . . .

If you find Alamo Race Track :D

And I can dance like David Fonseca (The 80's video . . .) :dance:

hahaha i don't like this video too much... but at the same time he partially remind of of Chris Martin... that makes me think David must be so tall too.. and i... oh gosh i'm so tiny :cry:


*here you are*


(btw had you heard the only song that Mr DF has in portuguese? i love it :heart: )

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i think i hadn't posted that one, at least not on that post...


*more MrDF*


btw the problem of yesterday has been solved... and yeah his profile at es.wiki works, is as i wrote it :D i'm so happy.. i wanna tell him... :rolleyes: should i?


Euumm . . .

That's a website of David Fonseca ??

What happened yesterday ?? Sorry Arii :(

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never heard them before... aren't the one i had linked? :uhoh:


i'll give them a listen later today anyways.. i'm off in few mins...


see ya.


Yeah !

So when you will have time . . . I made a thread with a video about them.

So see you later Arii !

Good afternoon ! ;)

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Euumm . . .

That's a website of David Fonseca ??

What happened yesterday ?? Sorry Arii :(

what is david site? (i know about all them.. (yt, blog, site, myspace).. so what which one do you mean? (btw all that (but the blog as is in portuguese and nobody would understand it) is linked on the thread i opened of him here.. (linked on my siggy 'what to do?')


not es.wikipedia.org his profile in spanish was almost empty so i edidted it and when i refreshed the page 5 mins after it accepted what i wrote it sent me a message saying it has deleted what i wrote and blamed me of vandalism :confused: so i sent an email to the contact in spanish wiki and they had answered me back, and so his profile is ok now (with what i had written).. i'd like to let know that to David... but dunno what he will think about.. :uhoh:


this thing shocked me so much (this vandalism thing) so that's why i got so very very sad yesterday (a bit stupid i know..)... i didn't expected this.. but anyways write down, makes me better.. i think i needed something like that to happen, there were many nice days.. life's not always nice so was good this anyways.


lol he must give me a cent for each time i had mentioned him somewhere on cpying hahaha.

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No se...

I have been asleep all day after my class.

How are you ? :)

How is the bar going... is everyone happy ?

how are the classes going? :)


i'm fine. pretty happy :D having a great day today :smug2:


The bar i opened it at midday, but had to close it until now.. :uhoh: (i've been busy).

what about you? :D

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OK.. !!

I am waiting for the weather to improve, the wind is not going away....

I will have to turn on the heating in the pub tonight....

I hope its a quite one.... if so I will sleep here and open up tomorrow...

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really people, there's a concert here :D.. i dunno if go or not.. i really don't know who come... (if is Hi-Fi it'll be cool, i like them).


hehe they speak in portuguese at the begin?... cool, french :D

lol they speak many languages, cool sandy :thumbsup:



In the video . . . There's just french and the band sing in english

Glad you like it ;)

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