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The Coldplaying Pub.


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alors toi tu te connectes et tu viens direct poster ici... :rolleyes: aaah ces Irlandais jvous jure :lol:


let's play something easy to sing guys ! What about the Village people :dance: :lol:

just kidding dont throw your glasses at me.. :dozey:

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You can serve yourselves now... !

make sure you let me know what drinks you have though !!


I hope this lot are more honesty then the officers & sgts where I work, as both messes have "honesty bars", where the mess members are allowed to take out items from the fridge and are supposed to sign a piece of paper saying they have had it. Sounds good in theory, but in practise you always get diffies between the amount missing from the fridge and the amount signed for.


The officers mess is worst than the sgts mess.

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This is a pub where the people who work and drink in there are like family no body will be dishonest...


make sure david you dont forget that 600 quid tab you had last month mate... !


Send it to Jules, I was buying drinks for her all evening :wink3:


So does anybody want a pint




After-all I do pour a good pint.

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*starts chatting with some old regulars trying to get some quality stories out of them*


********there was a girl that used to work here and she was really cute looking... she looked so innocent...

one day she had to clean the windows in the door at the front of the pub...


when she was wiping the door from the outside, all the boys was watching her, tranfixed at her hand movements as she was cleaning the door, there eyes and heads followed her every movement it was so very funny.


We all looked liked puppies, fanasinated by somethig they had seen for the very first time in our lifes. 1

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