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sorry, popped out for a second because my new fan arrived (the thing that blows air, not a person)

pretty accurate thinking I guess  love fans with the weather they're talking about, we just got an airco


Does anyone like bananas? :)

The best bananas are the seedy ones! (they've got all the flavor)

There's quite a difference when compared to the Cavendish variety, and variety is the spice of life.

Which types do you prefer?

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Yes, frozen bananas look like bad ones, and they do look scary, but are pretty good in breads! I like the colorful one, better tasting.

Banana splits are great! Somewhere I saw someone frying bananas and then dipping them in chocolate.. hm.. where was that?

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Haha! Fried bananas are amazing! Come on over to Thailand, they're everywhere here. :D



Microwave popcorn dries out my mouth so much. I had to drink like...3 glasses of water while eating it yesterday...

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Haha! You know what I used to hate, but now I love? Caramel corn. So addicting! But it makes me feel sick...ate almost a whole big thing of it while watch The Hobbit...the 3rd time.

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Hmm...yes. If at first you don't succeed (at liking The Hobbit) try, try again! :D but it really does help to have read the books first. And sometimes it's hard to know what they're talking about when you haven't watched LotR.

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