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sorry, popped out for a second because my new fan arrived (the thing that blows air, not a person)

pretty accurate thinking I guess  love fans with the weather they're talking about, we just got an airco


I don't know muzika but I miss miss mags too :cry:


No you're The Doctor

Whoops...I accidentally thanked this post...not that it's not thank-worthy...I just accidentally did that...

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^ totally explaining my feeling right now. :nod: And I'm turning into a sophomore.


In following summer vacations (two months), I still need to work. Two or three days a week.


I have some plans:

1. Learn French *I think when the course ends, I can speak a little French. :P* It's free because I work there.

2. Read novels.

3. Learn skateboarding.

4. Watch many movies/tv series as much as I can. Of course it all related to actors I'm interested. Such as David Tennant, John Simm, Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, etc. :lol:

5. Go to All Time Low's gig on 18 August. It's the first time I attend! Btw, I feel sad that many bands don't come to Taiwan. :|



Do you have any plans so far? :)

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looks like a cyberparty to me :lol:


well I want to do my last exam tomorrow, take my book full of theory about driving cars and get that exam and then well




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thanks, I'll need it, geography is just so boring

watching Broadchurch again with some hour long docu about how Genesis of the Daleks was made, much more interesting than different types of soil if you ask me :blank:

got an hour? really so cool, with Liz and Tom and those guys that were daleks in the old days :awesome:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXc__OvT5rc]Doctor Who: Genesis of a Classic - YouTube[/ame]


now I just hope that I pass my theoretical driving exam in two weeks so I can start driving soon :wacky:

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Haha! Fair enough...


But why can't The Hobbit come out sooner than December, than?


thought so


because if it did, the trailer would had come out earlier and you'd be wishing that it still would come out sooner and so on

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Haha! But the first Hobbit movie came out last December... so I couldn't wish it would come out much sooner than I wish right now...I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR FOR THIS PART AND THEN A WHOLE YEAR AFTER THAT FOR THE END!!! :smash:

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:rolleyes: I had been waiting for NINE YEARS for The Hobbit...and then hey decided to make it into THREE MOVIES! And I've also been waiting since I started liking Coldplay for them to come to a place near me so I could see them live...that was it 2008...:|

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