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How Many Times Have You Listened To 'Viva La Vida'

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loads....i usually get sick of songs after a while after listining to them sooo much but nort VIVA LA VIDA...It is absolutely amazing, the best song I have ever heard....honestly, If I had to say about 200 odd times....FANTASTIC!

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i havent listened to it that much tbh.


ive listened to viloet hill about double.


although i think its cos its such a good song i want to pace myself with it so in never ever get bored with it. which i cant see happeining. but because of that i just aint listened to it as much as i shud.


n its soo awsome!!!

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103 times. (itunes)


This song is like no other. It leaves you with a sense of longing....hard to describe.


Not like their other BIG songs like Yellow, Clocks, and Speed of Sound. It's hard for me to listen to those now.

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A LOT. I don't get tired of it. And it's always stuck in my head!!


Same here, man! I just can't stop listening to it! And I have NO IDEA how many times I've listened to it.

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