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You know you're addicted to Coldplay when...

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As who? :D

Bob Dylan, Santigold, Beyoncé, The Killers, U2, Johnny Cash, Natalie Imbruglia, Sugababes, Jay Z, Kate Bush, R.E.M., Nelly Furtado... I can't really come up with more now. When I come to think about it they haven't just mentioned the people above; they've collaborated with The Killers, they've (or Chris has) collaborated with Bono or U2, Chris is in a Johnny Cash video, they've written a song that they gave to Natalie Imbruglia, Chris was in the Band Aid 20 with Sugababes, they've collaborated with Jay Z, Speed Of Sound came when trying to play a Kate Bush song (Running Up That Hill), Chris has collaborated with R.E.M. and Chris has written All Good Things Come To An End and worked with Nelly Furtado on that song... :thinking:

Not only those though, but also artists who've been supporters or are going to be + lots of other that I randomly can connect with Coldplay when I listen to radio.

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