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You know you're addicted to Coldplay when...

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When you squee at EVERY picture you see from the last concert in Düsseldorf :wacky:

LOL I did that!!! They were soooo great!!!!:D

Your addicted to Coldplay when you constantly go to youtube to search for videos from the concert you went to.

Ahahahaha yep I do that. I have like 30 of them on my iPod:P

When you talk to your friends about Coldplay...among some other topics until 4 30 in the morning :).

LOL oh yes. The Star Wars thing was the BEST:wink3::sneaky:

Yes and in addition to that^^ we also ignored all of my non- coldplay loving friends at my birthday party while screaming at a video of Coldplay, to the point that they left for about and hour till we were done. Also, my mother said that she was scared that our neighbors would call the cops because of our screaming!

Ahahahaha best video EVER! LOL ok not really but it was still amazing:D

She did!!!???? Ahahahahahaha!!!!!:laugh3:

When you get one of your friends to admit that he'd go gay for Guy Berryman :).

That was EPIC:D

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yes!!!I love Phil alot:wideeyed:


:shy:yeah I dont have a 'top 5' only a top 1 !

Lol :D

when you need to come here to feel bettah after a stressing morning :dozey:


I feel exactly the same!

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Like seriously, literally, i have not listened to any song by anyone else but Coldplay for 2 months or more now. Except maybe Elbow and of course live at their concerts i hear opening bands.


me too!

unless you count when I happen to be in the car and beth plays her crap on the car stereo but I don't so... :)

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