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You know you're addicted to Coldplay when...

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When you're trying to find Yellow Pages telephone book.

When you're eating bananas, because they're yellow.

When you wore Viva jacket.

When you have lots and lots of Coldplay related gadgets like badges.

When you have Coldplay related wallpaper on phone/computer/iPhone

When you're trying to find Coldplay in lots of TV-shows.

When you're willing to kill people from EMAs.

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When you read the Chris Martin Quotes thread for hours instead of doing your homework

When you start to see the number 42 everywhere (and so smile for apprently no reason -from a regular person point of view)

When you wanna punch people who tell you that Coldplay are "only doing sad, depressing songs" & "always the same"

When at lunch you'd rather be listening to Coldplay while eating your sandwich rather than eating at the cafeteria with all the noise

When you start believing that Politik's message is the highest, best politic of all

When you join Coldplaying :)

When your facebook wall becomes a real hommage to Coldplay (videos, quotes, songs titles...)

When you relax by listening Strawberry Swings

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When you nearly have a heart attack cos the ticket company you booked your Coldplay tickets with the other day calls up to tell you your credit card has declined! :o Thankfully it turned out i'd just entered the expiry date wrong though, so everything's sorted now. :D

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When you're in the toilet while your brother's watching tv in his bedroom and you suddenly seem to recognize ETIAW by the first 2 very low notes through the closed door, so you run out of the toilet and go to your bro's room to check if you were right...


And I was! :D

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