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19-Nov-08: Dallas - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

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Plus we would have missed the sex offers from the hockey team. :P




Is that what those were?:laugh3:




Thanks for all the vids Lori!! They are great:D



Weee! You're welcome. Since I had shit seats, I thought I might as well bring back something we all could enjoy!




Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! THANK YOU LORI:kiss:


Thanks so much for all the vids...so cool you had good view of the big screens, you got great shots. I can never get over how you guys are so still during shows! I can only film 30sec-1min at a time, 'cause I just wanna jump&dance and well that doesn't make a good vid. So, yeah, thanks for your composure!!



And Pete:blush:...he's a "real" person, so I can't get all fangirly&pervy LOL. Just don't go making out with him, Lori!!!:veryangry2::P



I never did! Mel was talking smack! She likes to do that!:P



I will say it again: I am Jonny's Lori and no one else's. I simply can't! Pete and Will are yours. ;)


You're welcome for the videos. I was sitting down since the people behind me were. So that made it a lot easier to hold still. Plus I was actually trying to make good videos for you guys. They sucked now and then though b/c one lady kept walking past me like 5 times!:angry: Geez! And the "Wooooooooooo!" girl right next to me. I got up for a few songs at the end. But if I'm anywhere closer, don't worry! I'm jumping around like crazy too. And I'm always singing.




Security guard was really nice. He told us where to stand to avoid detection, because there is a camera at the security gate and if Jackie saw us, she might make us move.


We waited and the guard told us they would be there in 20 minutes. A bus full of hockey players pulls up and they are making lude sex jesters at Lori and she's about to return with a jester of her own when the band pulls up behind the bus. I was all..... LORI!! it's them! hehehe We get signs out. Bus is blocking them from getting into security lot. :D Chris and Jonny must have been in first SUV. Windows were total black out. Kelly was in front seat and giving me the evil eye. :angry: Will and Guy in second SUV. Will kinda looks out at us like we are crazy. :P No stopping. :\


We kept waiting, but moved down the road to where we could see roadies coming out to smoke and get stuff from buses. Lori was looking for Peter, but we never saw him. :\



Haha! That thing with the hockey players was too funny! What timing huh?:laugh3:















OMG :bomb::bomb::bomb: are you trying to kill me!!!! :D:D:wink3:






Thanks everyone.


There is no surgery to fix post tour Jonnyless depression. :bigcry:





:cry: But you can think about Wembley!:D:dance:






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maybe Lori can spot someone official looking and just ASK for the floor tix lol


Interesting you say this because I actually did and wasn't successful.


I got inside just after 6pm. I stood up for an hour and a half to hopefully spot a scout...no luck. The lights went down at 7:30, Sleepercar came on, I gave up, and decided to finally go eat something.


Just as I was about to finish my meal out in the concessions area, I heard these very loud screams from some girls. I knew right away, what it could be. So I hurried up and finished and walked over to the area that the screams came from. Then I stummbled upon 3 people (2 guys and a girl) that were wearing official badges and radios. So I walked right up to them and asked, "Do you have any front row seats?" They all immediately said no and walked quickly in the opposite direction to get away from me. I thought well crap. So I kind of followed them around a little bit, but from a distance. Then I heard more screaming. This continued off and on for about 30 minutes to an hour.




I just didn't get it. I was totally by myself and they couldn't give me one stinking ticket? They weren't very nice to me, but they were extra nice to the random people that came in at the last minute who they just gave tickets to.


I guess I wasn't front row worthy.


Thanks to Coldplay finally coming onstage to help me forget about what had just happened.


Sorry if I sound sour about this, but I just thought they would be nicer than that is all.


At least the show was awesome!!!

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squeeeeeeeeeee they just keep falling



yay I have new PC wallpaper for the first time since Toronto :D




Matt's set list and list of badges and their function. :sneaky:





OMG! :uhoh2: They gave the Queen of Photoshop pictures of the badges :dozey:




Thats why I love Jenji or Ian. Whichever one does it I'll love. Whichever one doesn't I'll still love them.


Love y'all too. That'll be Ian updating the first post. I'm mainly sorting Wiki

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