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Guy Berryman is a bass player - what's his best Bass playing?

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I love it in Things I Don't Understand - its so different for Guy, because it basically defines the melody, but it definitely works. I love it!


*Searches for it in music library*


Cemeteries and Violet Hill are great too, I think it saves Violet Hill from being a bland mesh of guitars, actually.

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It seems no one has mentioned In My Place yet I was just listening to it and think d bassline is pretty good.


Also in my top favs (not in order) of Guy's bass playing are :

  • Sparks
  • White Shadows
  • I Ran Away
  • Warning sign
  • Low
  • Square one
  • Cemetries of London
  • Violet Hill
  • The Hardest part
  • Death and All His Friends
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