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Coldplay on American Idol! (itunes commercial)

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Ever since they played the ad,the song has shot back up to number 2 on the us itunes top songs.It dropped off before and wasnt even in the top 10 before the ad came out.And the album is number 2 as well now.Also wasnt even in the top 10 for awhile. Nice adverstising i must say!

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Wow wow wow wow wow!!! :shocked2: :o :D :cool:


This has got to be the best ad in the history of best ads. It beats every other ad in the world, including their last itunes one, by ten thousand miles. The coolness of this ad is beyond words. Man, Coldplay rock so, so much.



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I was justing watching an old rerun of Just Shoot Me on TV when, lo and behold, Chris Martin's dulcet tones slunk into the living room, accompanied by the visual wonder that is the Viva La Vida itunes commercial! :o


It actually didn't click for a moment. I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. I had no idea it was already being aired in New Zealand! I thought it wouldn't appear for another fortnight or so, at least. When the realisation finally kicked in I screamed, jumped up and down, squealed and sang along, until it ended, all too soon. So then I screamed again(!) and ran off to get my mobile phone to text message a friend and let her know that I HAD SEEN THE ITUNES AD!!! :shocked2: :D


I really, really, really hope to see it again soon. It looks even better on TV than it does on my computer! (As if that weren't obvious, LOL). I hope this ad will make everyone want to buy the new album and get into Coldplay and unite in a harmonious musical union of peace. :wink3:



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it was so funny.


i'd known about this commercial, but i'd never seen it on tv.


finally, i did. once i heard viva la vida, i screamed at the top of my lungs with happiness. i scared the crap out of my dad. he thought i was being like, murdered.


it HAS been a long two years guys!

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I think I'd prefer if their full lenght video (the violet hill one) had been done in the same way as this commercial clip, this is one commercial that I wouldn't mind watching over and over again lol


But I'm not saying that the official video is bad, only that this might be better, a little more effects and energy.

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