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What made you happy today?

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Yesterday: Buying Mylo Xyloto and Bruce Springsteen's the River - then YOGA - then meeting a very nice disabled lady I am going to escort when she is away from home (it could be to the doctor and the like - or to a shopping centre - or to the cinema). :dance:


Today: Starting the new job where I accompany that lady when she is going out - gym in the evening (our instructor was absent today, but had sent a full-good substitute. :dance:

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A lot of friends and family called to wish me a Happy Birthday :nice: :crown:


Happy birthday! :dance:


Listening to Mylo Xyloto once again - and now listening to BBC, Radio 1's weekly countdown of UK top 40:


New at 33: Coldplay / Rihanna: Princess of China. New at 14: Coldplay: Paradise


UK album charts: New at 1 is COLDPLAY - MYLO XYLOTO :dance: :thumbsup:



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I listened through Coldplay's whole discography. :dance: Ah, tomorrow is going to feel weird. :P


MX felt way too short. I think I need to give it another listen, actually.

It's better than Parachutes for me. :)

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