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What made you happy today?

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all of my friends went out together to some place and i was really sad that i wasnt invited but its for my birthday :blush: and i´m wondering what they´re going to do


or it was just a lie and they just didn´t want to invite me

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^Ian, you Mystery Man you!:lol:


I almost forgot teaching VLV to my band today. We're going to try a full band version for the first time tonight!!! We'll probably bugger it up BADLY, but it'll be fun,lol.:D

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a friend of mine on facebook posted a video of me singing and said i sang great and people started commenting telling me that i am a unique snowflake with a special voice and that just made me cry oKAy :cry:

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I have a job accompanying disabled people to i.a. horse-riding lessons or for a walk pushing the wheel-chair or to an event (birthday party).


Today I started up with a new one - also very sweet person. :thumbsup:


And I was very happy also to read about Saturday's live BLog. :dance:

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