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What made you happy today?

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Serving lemon tomato bean stew to the daughter of Rasmussens, Nelsons, Johnsons, and kin. It was nice to see her all smiles!:)

Wolverhamptons? are they in the Hamptons??

Amsterdam sounds nice, for some reason I always imagine sailing ships and cheese!

Glad to hear good memories returned, much the same here, I am longing for home..

Time together is magical, glad you had that chance

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^ Rasmussens? It sounds Danish so probably ancestors of Danish origin. Do you know?


Tomorrow is a big and historic day for the Netherlands as Queen Beatrix abdicates in favour of her eldest son Willem-Alexander. He will be the first king for generations - the last there was king Willem 3 who was followed by his daughter Wilhelmina, then her daughter Juliana and then queen Beatrix. The abdication will take place in AMSTERDAM.


So tomorrow AMSTERDAM should be played, but I think that it will be the controversial new hymn instead.



I am ecstatic because the ANEMONES can be seen in gardens and forests. I love this flower as it symbolizes WARMER WEATHER - when it is ANEMONE time, then the warmth has come to stay. :dance: :dance: :)


Springtime with anemones and warm weather at last. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

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I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf and it is cute and fun. But SO MANY BEEEEEES in proportion to how many trees there are!




I just want Moe in my town, I had him as a resident in Wild World... but then he moved out and I got upset at the game and I stopped playing soon afterward.

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