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The Official Club Football 2014-2015 thread

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What will the 'experts' come up with next


Thing is, if it is indeed causing problems for children and impacting their lives, then it is an issue. On one hand you don't want to wrap them up in cotton wool, on the other, why inflict unnecessary harm if it's something that can affect them in later life? If the science points that way then surely there are alternatives?


It's fucking annoying, of course.

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Manchester City v Barcelona - 18 February

Bayer Leverkusen v Paris St-Germain - 18 February

Arsenal v Bayern Munich - 19 February

AC Milan v Atletico Madrid - 19 February

Olympiakos v Manchester United - 25 February

Zenit St Petersburg v Borussia Dortmund - 25 February

Galatasaray v Chelsea - 26 February

Schalke v Real Madrid - 26 February


How much pain would Arsenal losing in Italy and Man City's manager messing up the calculations into how many goals it would take to top the group will it cause them?


If Man City can beat the team which smashed Barca 7-0 last year, they can probably do the same.

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They never wanted City ! We are the highest scores in Europe at the moment...






City are blazing a trail not only in the Premier League but across Europe, too.

With 72 goals in all competitions so far this campaign, the Blues are on course for the best goals haul in the Club's history.


More impressively, in the top European domestic leagues, City have out-scored Euro powerhouses Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Paris St Germain with 47 from 16 games - just one goal shy of exactly three strikes every game.


Taking in La Liga, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and the Premier League, here's an infographic of how City currently sit proudly at the top of the European hot-shots list - plus the latest in the race for the coveted Golden Shoe...






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Guest howyousawtheworld

I feel very sorry for Villas Boas. For sure the results in recent weeks against Man City and Liverpool just yesterday was horrific but he is a man who had done a solid if unspectacular job throughout his tenure as Spurs boss. The signings in the summer though have massively disrupted them. Bought on the account of Baldini and not AVB it's been a disaster. Some fans referred back to the phrase that after selling Bale and buying the likes of Paulinho, Lamela, Soldado Chadli, it was the equivalent of 'Selling Elvis and buying the Beatles'. What it has turned into, and the joke of the day, is that they did indeed sell Elvis but bought Westlife instead. AVB leaves the Tottenham job with the highest win percentage of any Spurs manager in the Premier League era. On that basis, it's perhaps one of the most knee jerk sackings I have ever seen. That's the second time in 18 months they have needlessly sacked their manager. One has to seriously question Levy's handling of that club.


With regards to this season however all I saw of them was dull, turgid and slow play, totally contradictory to AVB's desired style of play. That said, I was still very worried about them yesterday. I ,perhaps naively, presumed they would up the ante against Liverpool and that we'd see a point as quite decent. Never dreamt of a 5-0 victory though. As poor as Tottenham were, I was so delighted with Liverpool's display yesterday. It doesn't mean that another Hull City result won't occur because the team is still not quite the finished article but it's ample evidence of the great progress made since Rodgers became manager.

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