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coldplay in 100 newspaper

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i just thought that u should scan this and translate this :D



Coldplay laughs at suicidal rock 'n roll life.





Making our new album took so long that we are embarrassed about that, Guy Berryman confesses.



> laughs at way of rockstars life.


London Viva la vida or death and all his friends is the most waited album of the year. Rockband Coldplays fourth studio album is hoped to rehabilitate selling of CDs and EMI. Bassist Guy Berryman belives that album will live up to fans.

-We released our third album X&Y feeling confused, because we tryed to create something that other wanted us to do. EMI expected us to do powerful stadium sounds and mega hits, Berryman looks back sitting on coach of an hotel room.

- While we were working on Viva la vida we were selfish. We locked ourselfes in to a studio and we created music that pleased ourselfes. New album will bring up to our talent as musician and versatility of our songs and deepens.

Album is named after mexican artist Frida Kalhos painting. They worked on it for two years in Barcelona, New York and London.

Goal was to make an album with ten songs and length under 45 minutes. Making tight wholeness galvanized atmosphere of musicians.

- Working together has been challenge for us since the begin. Our relationship was wound up in a good way. Our differences made good results. Actually we get along better now.

Rocker years between Guy Berryman and his band, more than a college years in University College of London. Today familyness is one thing in common with these guys. Chris Martin has two kids, other members has one daughter each.

-Coldplay isn't a motörhead. Classical way the rockstars life just makes us laugh. We're too smart to get messed with drugs and stuff. I spend my spare time with my daughter.




and yes i send them feedback that will has 3 kids now :smug: i so poud of myself :laugh3:

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Coldplay must definitely slam other people who are coming their way!


if other people are taking them easy, they should not keep silent!


Because the rock world is the thing where the other groups always keeps rivalry with all the other groups accusing each other of some or something!:rolleyes:

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