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How old are coldplay listeners?

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Hmm... I thought at 19 I would be one of the younger ones, but it seems like that's not the case. It's weird to think I started listening to Coldplay when I was 14 though, because that seems so young! But I guess not, because a lot of you around here started around that age too.

Oh well. I guess it just means that Coldplay is so good it's ageless. :D

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Time is a strange thing.. we discuss the Beatles, Wings, etc., and they were the latest thing once, just as U2 was, and the music as timeless, but yet we grow, and time marches on.. I look in a catalog from 1895, and there I see pictures of the latest bicycles, cameras, fishing gear.. it looks as new as the latest in many ways, yet it's 113 years old! And here's Coldplay, making timeless music at the present, but with new twists and yet old rhythms.. It all seems so relative to one's perspective!

Anyhow, I'm almost 42, and it gets a little confusing! But really, the pattern has been there since the sand dances of the 1840's, and the rhythms of humans and life itself..

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^ lol, and your thoughts now?





I'm 21 at the moment. Been a fan since, well, shesh, 16 or 17 :D

Well i still love Fran and Travis and its a pity they never got bigger. But in my selfish way its nice I can still see them at smaller clubs. I think Coldplay has definitely made it their own music and their new stuff is definitely a different turn. So yeah - I def dont see them a total rip-off of Travis anymore (and havent for a long time).


Travis has changed too. Im sure having kids, marriage, etc changes people.


I still think they both make brilliant music.

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I'm 17. I've been a fan since i heard Yellow in 2001... think i was 11ish. Then i heard Clocks and it took me a while to realise that it was the same band lol. But my obsession came wen i was 14.

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