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If you were not addicted to Coldplay like we are, what band would you be addicted to?

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I am pretty sure I wouldnt be a fan of any band other than Coldplay. Coldplay just fits to me perfectly (the music, the themes, the band members as human beings...)

I was never able to identify so strongly with any other artist and probably never will.

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Guest diogo_sg

Either James or Of Monsters And Men. However, no other band/artist has touched me like Coldplay did and it'll be hard for that to happen :)

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there's just no band that can compare to how much i love coldplay.


so i'd just listen to a little of everything.



man, a world without coldplay would really suck... :(


I agree...Coldplay is all I listen too also. All day, everyday. If I am listening to music it's Coldplay. My teenage son today said "mom, you've got me humming Coldplay, could you listen to something else?" Me....."um, no?"



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