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RIP Leroi Moore

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I love the Dave Matthews Band more than any other band that has ever existed. The feeling I have when I am at shows I chase like a drug. From city to city, and campground to campground...I live for those three hours of bliss. For me, it has always been like going to church. When I am at a Dave Matthews Band show, I am at my very best. I am with chosen family who accept me for who I am. I laugh until I cry. I am reminded that everything is right now. I sing and dance and love like there is going to be no tomorrow. To be cliche, I eat, drink, and be merry.


For tomorrow we die.



You know, I haven't been a fan of DMB for so long, yet to me it seems like forever. I believe I was 14 or 15 when I first got internet connection, and it completely changed my life. I started listening to new music every day, and I one of the first bands I listened to was DMB, I just couldn't believe how engrossing their music was, I wanted more and more, more of those amazing lyrics and tunes.

I don't know why, but I can always remember and connect certain songs or artists with periods of my life. I haven't stopped listening to them in 3 years, and their songs are always a reminder of happy times. They light me up immediately with their poetry.

What you just wrote is admirable, heart warming, and made me look forward anxiously to the day I finally get to see them, wether it's in a month or a year.


So...thank you

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