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what is a pleasant way to go? i think i will yes.

i'd like to think it would be a way in which i knew it was happening, but i wouldn't want it to be slow.


do you get annoyed by the amount of awful musicians there are that get a large amount of respect?

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I would love to die in my sleep.


Yes, yes I do.


Do you like it when people listen to them music you like?

I generally don't, it just feels like an invasion of privacy.

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well one of the things i like most is getting people into music they haven't heard before. i have about three people who ask me to make them playlists every couple of months. music can be interpreted in so many ways i don't mind if they like the same thing as me as they definitely won't be feeling exactly the same about it than i do.


do you have naps?

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I want you to give me a list of songs to check out. :surprised:

Maybe you could introduce me to music I haven't heard. :nice:


No I don't, I have tried though but it didn't work.


Do you like nature?

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i have a rule that i only buy cd's if i was be comfortable enough in their amazingness to pass them on to my children (if i ever have any) in order to give them a head start in finding all the best music out there. otherwise i'd have like a thousand cd's and they are becoming obsolete anyway.


do you go to sleep at a reasonable hour?

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Two kitteh's :3


Do you think those little figures of trees you put in the car and then they makes the car smell are disgusting?


Haha, I someone I know once took one of those into the car and everyone was about to kill him, hahahahaha, the car smelled of lemons for hours, hahahaha.

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