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Coldplay's Chris Martin Hints Retirement Next Year

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Hello everybody



I just discovered on a site of a quite reliable (Belgian) Newspaper

that Chris Martin announced that Coldplay will stop.

Their planning to stop because chris says that rockers shouldn't be old.


"Over 33 years old"

Chris himself is 31.


They'll continue and they'll stop at the end of next year





I didn't post this at Important annoucenments, because apparentely I couldn't post anything there.





Yes people

The greatest band ever is going to stop .. .. :cry:




Let's hope they'll still give a lot of concerts in 2009 and that they will keep rocking hard.




All I can say now is




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Please Chris let i be a joke


Chris Martin,


I hope it's another wind-up


We love your music man, not your hair (or lack thereof!)


Viva La Vida's the top of your game, and if you're chasing U2, they're still going and producing some great music still


Please don't stop the music...


Coldplay gives us Life in Technicolour, and without it, we'd be Lost.

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Ok either 2 reasons for this:


-Chris wants attention




-He laks self-confidence




Either way, I wish he'd stop saying stuff like this. Cause they are really just getting better and better. And f*** U2 and Green Day. Just be yourselves, Coldplay!


Aren't those two statements linked!!


I think it's a prank (say he crossing everything!)

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GAH I hope this article is a fake, but if not...




















































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^ Take it easy edit: (to navegedor) he's been saying this stuff for years, don't believe it for a an instant, they've also said recently they'll retire when they run out of music to play, an considering how prolific they've been lately, it ain't gonna be soon. Anyone remember the brit awards...

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I didn't know Chris (or is it Guy Berryman?) was such a wiz with Photoshop these days! :)
That isn't photoshopped. It's from the last time Chris said they would be disappearing for a while, about a year after X&Y came out. The papers misunderstood it, printed that headline, and the guys took that picture to poke fun of the whole thing.
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I hope he's just joking...


and the members of some of the best bands are waaaaay older than 33 :P


U2, the rolling stones, etc etc etc!


+1 (and U2 carrier are their goal sooo)


Plus they repeted recently that they are just starting to get better, so I have a hard time picturing them quitting!!

Plus, Chris is always joking in stage on how they will probably be bald when they'll play on stage at the age of 50 sooo..!


I can't believe it until the band make an official statement!

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