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Thanks to great crowd at capital summertime ball. We had a couple of technical troubles but you got us through it. Now onto manchester...CM

5:01 PM

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Wow, the Princess of China video has well over 7m views in less than 7 days. Incredible. Thanks guys. A

8:25 PM



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I hope he finds more photos like this :wacko:


i hope too!!! :wacko:


First thing I noticed on the pic too! :laugh3::laugh3:


That's it, the shirt NEEDS its own thread :nod:


agree :nod: :nod:


you're getting on a bus when you got off the plane, and seeing those 4 gorgeous men :drunk: :lol:

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I love pictures like this. Seemingly casual, unscripted, just four friends still clinging together, laughing. Yes, Chris has on his favorite shirt....but look at that arm in it? :wink3: Nice pic. Keep digging Anchorman!!

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