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18-Jul-09: Home Depot Centre, Carson, CA - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews, Setlists, Photos/Vid

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Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First Coldplay concert!!! Here I go!!!!


You and I both buddy!


SOOOO FREAKIN EXCITED!! you have no idea! i cant sleep! :D

gonna be awesome!! i'm probably gonna get there by 12:30-1:00 for the pit line.

cant wait to jump in unison with everyone for that O-o-O-O-o chant during viva la vida!

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Anyone know where they are setting up the B and C stage for tonight's show?


I'm in Floor section B3 so I doubt it will be anywhere in my vicinity...


maybe on the Grass Berm area like for the lawn shows?



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I know half of you are already lined up for the pit, but I won't be leaving for probably 4 hours at least. Hope everyone is having fun standing and cramping up their legs. Today's weather should be a hot one but not brutal, so I also hope y'all brought your water and sunscreen. I don't know if I'll see any of you there (But if you see me holding the sign in my signature, give me a shout out!), but let's have a fantastic time tonight! I'll try to rally my section with the chants!

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1 GA PIT Hard Ticket available


Hi. Believe it or not...my friend flaked and I have one extra hard ticket for the show tonight. It is in general admission pit. I am going by myself now cause its GA. Send me a private message if you want to buy the other one and pick it up today.

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Home Depot Center show


I realize some people are already in the parking lot - I live nearby, and won't head over until 6 PM myself. I have pit tickets, so I'll see you there.


A couple things for those not familiar with live shows in los angeles:


1.) The show is in a good part of Compton, with pleanty of security. I went to college there, and I felt safe.


2.) This is Los Angeles. Regardless of whether or not photos/videos are allowed - and they're not - people will do it anyways, and the bouncers/event security won't stop people. It is very annoying for those of us who go to enjoy the show, which is why I prefer to be up close as much as possible. If you're sitting far away, you may become annoyed by all the people holding up their cell phones, FlipShare cameras, etc. It's like using cell phones in restaurants or texting duringa movie - just plain annoying to others attending and the performers. People can't applause and cheer when their hands are busy with their cameras - you're at a concert, and other people will post great photos on Flickr, PhotoBucket, or Coldplaying anyways, so leave your camera at home, and go to enjoy the show!


3.) It seems no one has heard of the opening bands. This was true at the Forum last year as well.


4.) Getting to the show rediculously early is futile, and here's why. Gates don't open until 6 PM. Show up at 6 PM, walk right in, stand around for an hour until the opening bands you've never heard of play. They might suck, but don't boo them, k? On the other hand, they might be great.


5.) No saving seats int he pit - it won't work, trust me. It's a pit. People will come and go. I think they sell booze at the show, and LA audiences are no respecters of holding places in line, pits, etc. Not everyone in the pit are as big of coldplay fans as you and I. People will come and go - including you - from the pit to get refreshments and go to the bathroom. My advise is to go during the opening acts.


6.) After the opening acts, many pit people will leave to go to the potty. this is when many people are just arriving to the show (between acts, right before the main act). As such, any spots you think you have saved in the pit during or between the acts will be taken by others just showing up. Don't try to save seats, it won't work


7.) Mosh pit in Los Angeles is common, yes, but NOT for a coldplay show. There are a lot more women than men, in my observation, at these shows. If you're female, don't show your tits to the band. If caught, they will throw you out. Or at least ask for you number.


8.) Don't forget ear protection. It is loud at concerts, and if you want to live to hear them again down the road, be safe. There's a reason security wears them...be good to your body.


9.) Have fun at the show - I'll be there with my wife having a great time in the pit. Don't feel bad if you're not in the pit. It's a great space for a show. You'll have a great time no matter where you are...this is coldplay, people!


10.) Welcome to sunny Southern California!

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parking lot


The parking lot is open NOW, the gates to get to the show don't open until 6 PM. You can go and sit in the parking lot all day if that's you're thing...but might I suggest you head west on the 91 freeway (or 190th/Victoria street) until you hit Hermosa Beach (about 9 miles down the road)? Walk on the beach, play in the surf, grab a slice of pizza, enjoy the day THEN go to the show tonight? Parking lot won't be full, and so much to do.


Sitting in a parking lot in Compton all day doesn't sound like fun to me, given that there are so many other fun things to do in Southern California!


All the best!

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a couple hours ago makayla texted me saying she's second in line!!! :dance::dance::dance:

she's gonna get front row!!! :D:D:D:D:D

and she said she can see the stage from where she's standing so she can watch soundcheck! :D:dance:


OMG how awesome i couldn't see the soundcheck i could only hear it. i hope she gets a signed copy of LRLRL!!!!

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Hey, is anyone planning on hanging around after the concert ends? Since they'll still be in SoCal tomorrow there's a chance they may stick around, right?


Don't forget to bring a bag for your butterflies! See you in Carson!:D

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This is my first post....


...but that's okay because tonight will be my first Coldplay concert! :D


I'm way outside the target demographic*, but I don't care - I'm planning to have the time of my life!


So be nice and say hi to the chubby older lady who's probably going to be crying with joy during Viva La Vida!




*As in, the last concert I went to was Barry Manilow, and that was in the recent past.

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