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what is "the scientist" really about?

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Yeah........ he look kinda gay to me' date=' but I might be wrong If Mrs. Paltrow rumor is true......[/quote']


how does he sound gay though??


the scientist being dan might them just be playing around.


i didnt even know about any rumor either!


oh and your english so far is cute! ;)

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Ok heres my take on "The Scientist":


Whomever the character is, they think in terms of tangible objects, notions, and so forth. For example, science is something we can see and measure and interpret objectively. However, the character does not see until it is too late that love is more tangible than any math equation, or biological being. One can also interpret love, but subjectively. The character then finds that they think too much in terms of practicality and logistics, when really they should be following their heart. Its the never ending battle between something concrete, and something of a notion. But really both exist.


that`s a great interpretation. i`ve never been good at interpreting (is it a word?) i`m more of a logical typa chick (a left-handed left-brainer)

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