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Hi everyone

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Hi to all, I am new here :rolleyes:

and like all of you I love Coldplay too a long time even before that they become popular at my place in Israel.

I found this forum accidentally and I must say that this is very excite to be here!

I know that this seems silly but they really affected on my life.


I don't have money right now because I am a student yet,

so that I can't fly to other country to see their concert then I really hope that they`ll comes to Israel sometime

I know that the security situation in Israel not very good :\

then they surely`ll not comes even once, but yet there is hope .. hahaha :laugh3:


Hope that you understood me

I don`t know English so good :D

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I would like to take a second to welcome you to coldplaying!

Here we share our knowledge and experiences of Coldplay!


YOu will also make new friends!

We are all friendly!

So don't be afraid to stop by and say hi !


Once again,


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Hi, Talor! Your English looks just fine to me. :) And it's OK; I haven't seen Coldplay yet, either. I hope they do go to Israel so you can see the briliance of the rock quartet that is Coldplay. :)

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