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The Blur Thread

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Just the Hyde Park gig.

I'm happy to see them doing more shows and that you can go. 5 concerts in 2 weeks!! I hope your heart will hold on.




http://beach-coma.tumblr.com/post/23214839774/o2-music-wireless-festival-2005-by-micky :dead::wacky:


ahh ok! hyde park is gonna be one huge party with all of us going :P and yeah i know right?! how will my heart take it. but its probably the end of blur and yeah i just need to see them as much as i can before it all ends as far as live shows at least.


and i know! that post you linked to, how is he real, his face :wacky:



edit: also louise we will have a proper chat and photo this time! GBQ was too rushed and i was stressed about finding my friend :P

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This is exciting! I will certainly be watching next week :D


^ I believe they are going to release it....


'Following the live stream, both songs will be available to download. A limited edition double-A 7-inch single will be released by Parlophone on 6th August.'

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