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Life in Technicolor played in Night @ the Museum

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Its so funny because when the song started to play in the movie my 6 y/o son turned to me and said hey mom its Coldplay. I guess it also helps that LiT has been my ringtone for almost a year now:laugh3:

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I watched the first 'night at the museum' last night, for the millionth time! I don't know why but I just love that movie! I heard the second isn't as good, but I may just go purely just to sing to coldplay as I leave the cinema! Have to keep up with the public image you know?!

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Oh come on. I hope some people aren't going to see that movie just because LIT is on the credits! That's quite sad.

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Did they use the whole song or just the intro of it?


I think they used pretty much the whole thing since it's only what, like 2 or so minutes long. It might have been edited slightly, but it started the same way and had the 'ohohohs' at the end. I though it was rather well placed actually...

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