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RIP Jennifer/Nettie

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I just wanted to say how sad I was to hear about Jen/Nettie. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times - each time was a memorable experience! :) I think it's really fitting the online response the news of her death has received. She was very much a massive online personality but what a lot of you who had never met her may not of realised was that she had an equally 'massive' personality in real life. She was a true dedicated fan of many bands but the most important to her has always been Coldplay. The effort she put into her fan sites was amazing. The thought that the news of her death would reach Coldplay I'm sure provides a great comfort to those that have met her and I just hope the guys realise they have lost one of their biggest fans :( RIP jen



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Wow. What a shame. I never met her but we talked a few times over Myspace and shared a few laughs. :) I had hoped to meet her one day since I knew she had traveled here to the US to see Coldplay. She was a real sweet lady. Rest in Peace, Nettie. :(

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I have gone through all the pages from this thread, and I'm still sitting here in disbelief! I had never met Nettie personally, however, we had become friends online on Facebook, and through many Coldplay messageboards. I am so sad to hear this news, and to see someone so precious, taken away so soon. It's hard to realise that she will never again make an update on the Guy Berryman facebook appreciation group or anything like that. guyberryman.net and mycoldplay.com really helped evolved my Coldplay-love. My condolences goes out to her family. May you rest in peace, Nettie love!


Debs: Thank you very much for passing on the message to the band.

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This is so horrible. :bigcry: Kara sent me a message alerting me to this thread and as I sit here reading it, I just can't believe it's true. Jen was such a fab person. Crazy as all get out and such a sweetie. I had only sent her an email just a few days ago telling her that I would be sending her a copy of LRLRL soon and that I would call her when I got into London. I just can't believe she's gone. We were so looking forward to seeing each other again at Wembley. Jen came to the Dallas and Houston shows with me last year and stayed at my place for a week. I took her to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor world and laughed my ass off at her running about taking pics of all the guns and deer heads and shit. She had her pic made sitting on Santa's lap. She was a total nutter and I loved her to pieces. After the Dallas gig, we went to eat at Denny's and some woman working there asked her to marry her. :lol:

Here's me and Lori and Jen at the Dallas show.




RIP Jen, the world is a duller place without you in it.

My deepest sympathies go out to her husband and family.

I'm going to send Debs a message and maybe she will let the band know about this.



Thanks for posting this Angie. That lady at Denny's was so in love with her! One of the main reasons I came to that show was to meet Jen. She was lovely, and I feel very lucky that I got to hang out with her. I'm extremely shocked and saddened that she is gone. She really went after what she loved in life. Her spirit will be at every Coldplay show. Miss you Jen.



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Jen was a big fan of Kasabian too. I found the following article on the internet.

Translated it for you, because the original article is written in Dutch.


Kasabian dedicates show to fan who passed away.

The band Kasabian dedicated it's show on Juli 7th to the fan Jennifer John from London. She died in a car accident, on her way to a show earlier this month.


On her way to a show.

Jennifer died in a car crash while she was on her way to the Eden-project show by Kasabian on Juli 4th. The other passenger is still being treated on the Intensive Care Unit.


Devastated by the news.

The band said they are devastated by the news of Jennifer's death and dedicated Tuesday's show to her.


Massively missed.

Frontman Tom Meighan posted on their website that Jennifer attended every single one of their shows. "She'll be massively missed by me, the band and many others.", Tom wrote..


(source: http://www.3fm.nl/page/3fm_muzieknieuws/311008)

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Oh no :cry:

I didn't know her ('cause I'm a new coldplayer :rolleyes: ), but I still know that she was a famous fan and a great person.

It's terrible to hear these kind of news.

Rest in peace Nettie

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I'm really sad! poor Nettie, she was very nice to me when I met her last October

It's good that Kasabian paid tribute to her dedicating their gig


I don't know whether you noticed that or not but she's also in the middle of one of the huge posters that lead to the main entry of the O2 arena


Bye Nettie!

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I am so shocked & saddened by the news of Jen's passing... I was going to catch up with her again when I was back in London later this month... I don't even have the words to express how sad this is...


Without Jen the world has become darker...


My heart goes out to her family.


Here is a photo of the good days... Berlin, September 2008... that gig wouldn't have been the same without you!



Rest in peace my friend... you will always be loved. xx

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