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|~|The OFFICIAL Coldplay FanFic Thread 2: DISCUSSION|~|

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The Best Years of Your Life: :dance: yay for happy ending!

Setting Sun: naww bless :heart:

The Big One: Oooo! Very exciting Dianna!

Parachutes: I actualy couldn't stop laughing when Guy was watching them kiss. "Do it again". I literally died of laughter. Not even kidding.

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The Setting Sun: Buffy mentions are WINS

The Best Years of Your Life: a happy and sweet chapter!

The Big One: I love this! and January 14 is my birthday! :lol:

The Boys of Summer: cute! Jonny and his gameboy.... :cheesy:

The Voice: this. is. so. cool.

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I can't believe how blessed I am.

The Boys of Summer: I truly am enjoying this, brings back soo many memories, some good and some bad, but this story has given me such a tickle of excitement! I can't wait for more.

The Big One: I love picturing this time period and I love how giddy Jonny gets when Chris comes, but damn have you had pneumonia cause you described it to a T, it sucks and poor Guy and odnaodibaoinadovnaoifaogu War.

The Best years of your life: :D yay!

The Setting Sun: haha oh vampires I was seriously holding out for a sparkle joke but buffy is far better!

The Voice: :bigcry: How do you do it? Fucking Amazing.

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Hey, you guys :hug:


I'm so sorry for not being in this thread for ages! :(


I've been doing some thinking and all my writing is now officially on hiatus (due to lack of inspiration and other things I'd rather not go into atm).


I'm also taking down the Silver Mask - I'm seriously trying to rewrite it and get it published (of course not with the Coldplay names but in essence the same...) and I don't think it would be all that good to have it on here as I'm trying to make it into a proper novel.


So if anyone wants to save a copy or something - please do so before Wednesday (or just PM me).


Blech, what a dull post this was.


Anyyyywaaaay... I'm gonna sneak around from time to time - but I'm working a lot atm and I'm moving in the fall, so that takes a lot of my time as well. A Coldplaying break is much needed, I think.



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Good luck! :D :hug:


On another note...I was writing the final part for The Best Years Of Your Life and I deleted it all by accident :( I really don't feel like writing it all up now/today so I will do it maybe tomorrow but very soon :)


I promise I will finish this one :P

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