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LOLdplay: I Can Haz Cake?

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Is there a video of this pic??? Please share link of anyone does kindly requesting

you guys! Jonny actually loves cake!   (for the newer members, "Jonny loves cake" was originally a joke made somewhere in the first few pages of this thread over 10 years ago, but after

Chris: *listening to HP* man this guitar line is really giving me a headache, let me turn it down for a sec....

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Haha, the thread name is awesome :lol:!



"And You know the funniest thing is, we didn't even write the song!! Hahahaha!!"





LOL AT GUY :laugh3:


I love this thread :wacky:


I know :laugh3:!

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Jonny: "Oh look! Will's on the ceiling!"

Will: "Guys!!!!!! Get me down here!!!!!!!! Help!!!"

Guy: "Greatest pic eva!"

Chris: "No more Will Champion seal of disapproval ... :sneaky:"




HAHAHAHAA!!! GOOD ONE! BTW I feel so stupid I didn't even realize Will was stuck on the ceiling! I thought he was just jumping :P

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Will: "Five points if I bean Chris in the head with my drumstick, ten points if I knock him unconscious, and twenty points if I do all that by bouncing it off the bell!"

The picture itself is funny, but with the sub-text even more. :awesome:
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