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11-Mar-2010: Estadio Universitario, Monterrey, Mexico - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos

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Hello everyone. Whoever is coming down to Monterrey tomorrow for the show, i'll be in queue starting at 10am local time here in Monterrey, I'll be the short guy with dark hair wearing a batman t shirt and jeans. (buying my coldplay t shirt at the stadium), So if you find me i'll let you guys cut in line infront of me. Just mention this post so i'll know who it is. :D. So finaly the day has come !!!!!!!! :wideeyed: :dance:


Sorry for not posting all this time, but will upload some great pics and videos from the show i hope. Hope i get to meet some of you at the show.


Laters guys, and VIVA LA VIDAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:

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Hey guys!!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!! If you see a guy with a Viva la Vida jacket (as the one Chris is wearing on the video) THAT'S ME!!!!!! I specially made it for the concert, so come and say hi!!!


Just one question: You know in Mexico City, right before the encore started, all the people in the audience started singing "Cielito Lindo"... are we doing the same or something like that??


I think it would be cool, since it's the last show of the whole tour, and it would be nice if the the guys in the band left with a cool memory of their last show and the audience in Monterrey.


So what do you suggest??

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show me how to upload them and I will show them to you.


You can make an account at a website like tinypic.com or imageshack, etc., upload the picks, and then there are options for links that you can paste here and the images will show up.

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