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Ohh well what can I say about the video in that page.....mmmmm

I envy Kate....(but f... who is this girl?? Never seen her before this gossip :confused:) because she's still wearing summer clothes....it was a sunny day.....luky girl :veryangry2:

I need summer :cry:

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So if nobody cares about their personal lives, please explain all the "THIS" and "I AGREE" useless posts that add nothing interesting to the discussion. So why do you keep posting about it's supposed bullshitness?!?! Obviously, then, you do care, because you keep coming back to justify yourselves as "good" fans.


Utter fail, guys.


You people really need to stop believing what you read. None of this crap is true.


When I hear it come from Chris's lips, I'll believe it.


I... I kind of want to mock that last bit, but I'll refrain due to my grumpy mood.

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Total B.S.


This story is total BULLSHIT. First off, Chris and Gwyneth's relationship has been called "on the rocks" for a long time, and none of those rumors are even true. Gwyneth believes that Chris wouldn't do such a thing in public. Second, where is the physical evidence? None has been released and therefore, automatically making it untrue unless evidence becomes known. Also, Chris is one of the most modest men ever; I doubt he'd cheat on Gwyneth. I'm sure he has morals. He isn't the type to let stardom go to his head.


Bottom line: whoever made up that story should be shot. All lies. :veryangry2:

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