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Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

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oasis used to be my second favourite

no, i dont know them

i love all the other bands though.

:bigcry: im sorry, I cant tell you.....

why they aren't your second band anymore? :thinking:

and why you can't tell me your name? :uhoh:

*hides scared*

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^^ Awesome, I love Vampire Weekend! They need to release a 2nd album and then get back in my top five. ;)



Snow Patrol (yay!)

TV On The Radio

Death Cab for Cutie


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I've only got Skeletal Lamping, but my god it's awesome


Where should I go next?


That's a good question. Uhh, I'd try Satanic Panic In the Attic. It's probably my favorite album by them, although I admit I don't know every song on every other album.

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Kings of Leon and MGMT would probably be on my least favourite 5


Also, I went with Briggins for now, and reaping the benefits, I'll get the other one next


I'm sure you'll like Hissing Fauna, and whatever else you try. All of their albums are pretty much masterpieces, there's not one I don't like.

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Yeah, there is a noticeable change in style between Skeletal and Hissing, is that true for the other albums too? If so I am very excited to hear what the other albums have to offer


I didn't really notice a change. Obviously, the earlier the stuff, the more different the sound- but I think they changed gradually and then had a major change when it came to Skeletal. But as for the earlier stuff, there's nothing completely noticable, at least for my ears.


I may hve to sit down and listen to the full albums again, though. It's been a while, so don't take my word for it.

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right now?


Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane

and finally








































































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