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OCD - Obsessive Coldplay Disorder


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... was simply created by me.


Not you "My_Song_Is_Love"..










The reason I'm saying this is because... I want credit. I want to credit for what I've created almost 2 years ago.



Now, I'm not going to rant on and say "rah rah rah fuck you stupid bitch for stealing the meaning I created for the OCD acronym!!!!"

Oh no..


I'm simply going to back up my statement.




It all started right here in this thread:



The thread I created on April 19th of 2008 and that was recently bumped in the Coldplay section. I had it in that little status thing right below your name and it said "ObsessiveColdplayDisorder"


This was a convo that me and Nick had before I knew him and before he changed his name to Fitz which I'm sure, My_Song_Is_Love wouldn't know anything about.


Nick can back me up on this. <3


He looks like Jesus


BTW: ObsessiveColdplayDisorder, hilarious!:laugh3: (nice one Hotplay)


Oh my gosh, I know. It's a wonder why he didn't change his name to Moses.


Haha, thank you, I just thought of.. OCD.


And to those of you who knew Aleluvscp (or Ale), you'd know that back in the Perv Unit days, she had on her signature my quote saying that she was diagnosed with OCD by doctor Hotplay007. Ah.. the good ol days.. we actually became friends because of her doing that.

Ale can back me up on this. <3



Oh and just for kicks, I made this right after I thought of it.




Tried to coin the meaning of the acronym by using that little copyright sign. Silly little me. I wasn't nearly as good at photoshop back then as I am now.





But to conclude, yes. I was the one to create the Obsessive Coldplay Disorder.

If your group is so official, then I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems crediting me for the idea.


*rant rant*


Thank you for your time. :kiss:




oh and btw:


Thank you Lindi Forsley.


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