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The Bump Game, only Cooler because I am not a bitch about it like Reilly is

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The object to the game is to keep bumping this thread by posting on it.


The points system

less than 1hr = 0 points

between 1-2hrs = 1 point

between 2-3hrs = 3 points

between 3-4hrs = 6 points

between 4-5hrs = 10 points

between5-6hrs = 15 points

above 6 hours = 20 points


A Bump will only count if it has the word "Bump" in it!


If you make a false bump, the time will still be taken from then.


You can bump yourself ( make repeated Bumps)


So do you bump the thread after an hour and get 1 point, or wait for 2 hours and get 3 points? Obviously the longer you wait, the more likely someone will bump the thread, before you get to it , so they will get the points.



who wants to play??? follow the rules.. and have fun.. this game will run from now until the END OF TIME


And if someone wants to volunteer to help me count the points because no doubt I'll forget and it'll build up, thatd be appreciated (Though Id imagine it wont be too hard, to be honest I cant remember playing this).


The thrill of seeing it un-bumped for more then an hour! Woah!




The rules dont seem to be clear enough:


If this post is at 10:42pm- Then


If the next post is 11:41pm or earlier- 0 point (Less than 1 hour)

If the next post is 11:42pm- 1 point (Between 1-2 hours after this post)

If the next post is 12:42pm- 3 points (Between 2-3 hours after this post)

If the next post is 1:42pm- 6 points (Between 3-4 hours after this post)

If the next post is 2:42pm- 10 points (Between 4-5 hours after this post)

If the next post is 3:42pm- 15 points (Between 5-6 hours after this post)

If the next post is 4:42pm or after- 20 points (More then 6 hours after this post)


Some people have posted after the hour (Eg. 11:02pm) thinking that its a point, but it has nothing to do with the time, just the time after the last post. Capiche!




I'll count up the score every five pages or something if you all really want me to.


NEW RULE. There will be a running list of all players' points... you copy and paste the list and add the points you made by each bump to it. If you see an error call it out, furthermore if you made the error you will have 5 points taken away coz you are a filthy cheating whore. I will check each list to make sure no filthy cheating whorery is going on.

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Here's a new rule. Everyone add their points to the list of total scores after each bump they make. I'll just check them to make sure there isn't any fudging. Current standings are:


Technicolor Sparks - 1 poin

noonsun - 1 poin

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