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i saw the performance on conan last night, pretty awesome.



this is a band i've really been into lately. i love anything james mercer does. i was upset because i missed them while i was at south by south west in austin. i got to see it on youtube, but it wasn't the same knowing i was in the area and missed it !!!

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More Bells are good. The fact that only two of those songs are not currently available elsewhere probably indicates that they were just previously scrapped instead of being more recent, so it doesn't really shed much light on whether the band will continue.

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Have an overwhelming adoration for Broken Bells, too? :D


Lots of people I mention this band to look at me and ask me, "who again?" And so, sadly, apparently, Broken Bells is a little bit small-known. If you are one of those who has never heard of them or who doesn't really know who they are, let me tell you a bit about them...


1. They are an Indie American band

2. You may have heard their song "The High Road"

3. The lead singer of BB is also the lead singer of the band "The Shins"

and 4. I encourage all CP lovers and just all human beings in general to check out this amazing band, who is my 4th most favourite band of ALL time, only after Radiohead, Muse, and the one and only CP themselves.


Broken Bells is Indie, and therefore a quite unique band. Their style of music is very different and the lead singer's voice is very unique and captivating. :D Some of my fav songs of theirs include: "Sailing to Nowhere," "October," "Citizen," "Vaporize," and 'The High Road." :lol:

Or, if you have heard of this awesome band, what was the first song of theirs you heard which sucked you in?? :D

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Caught their Jimmy Kimmel performance the other night, they only did 2 of the new songs and 2 old songs (which is kinda lame since most bands play like 6 songs there), but the new ones sound good live.


That first track on the album is absolutely killer.

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