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MrLick, Fookwaning at the Neuron.

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hahahaha no.:(


My boss/owner bought some beers and I was at the table eating and he come up to me and asked if I wanted a beer. I looked at him confused and waited a second to see if it was a joke but he was serious. I just found it extremely odd drinking a beer at work that my boss gave me.




Busch in a can. Not a good choice but it would have been rude to say no.

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That is weird. :P Don't you work at a shoe store? :thinking:




I broke my record in sales today, I told my boss it's because I was drinking.

If my teacher gave me a beer I would be all like. O.o


That would be extremely weird.


Don't feel weird about it though, what's wrong with having a beer during at your workplace?
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