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MrLick, Fookwaning at the Neuron.

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It was okay, I went to a museum which was boring apart from playing Beatles Rock Band. :P

And I'm still sick, might have to go to the doctor tomorrow and get stronger antibiotics. :P


How about you?

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Why would Fookwan the Great Fookwan at the Neuron? :thinking:

Because knowledge and wisdom are stored in the brain which reactivate neurons; hence, he fookwans at the neuron.

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I'm sorry to hear that.


I'm very hyper and bored so I'm going to the gym for a little bit.. My day was quite boring because my co-workers don't have personalities.



I have to start getting in better shape, I can't even walk up the stairs these days. :lol:

My personality is "personalityless" :P

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