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What would this be worth...?

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I just want to start out by saying I'm not advertising/selling anything, just looking for an honest opinion.


I'm thinking about selling my Macbook so I can buy one of the newer ones. Problem is, I haven't sold anything of this much value before, so I was wondering if anyone had some idea what it is worth.


The Details:

Black Macbook (Late 2007)

2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


160 GB HDD

OS X Leopard

iLife '09 (pre-installed)

iWork '09 (no CD)

Microsoft Office 2008

Adobe Photoshop CS4 (no CD)

Final Cut Express (no CD)


It's in pretty good shape for a 2+ years old computer. No scratches on the screen/dead pixels, no cracks, no discoloring. However, the lid is a little crooked when closed, but it's not noticeable when upright.


I also got a quote from PowerMax (Mac trade-in site) and they offered $600 (w/ no software)

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