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Sales of condoms rise as S.Korea celebrates World Cup win.

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Condom Sales Surge After World Cup Win:


It turns out goals aren't the only thing associated with World Cup wins. According to one web site, a win at the tournament helped out a seemingly unrelated industry.


AFP reports that South Korea's victory over Greece led to a surge in condom sales, with one paper writing that sales increased five-fold over 2006, when the country failed to advance out of the first round.




Soccer victories aren't the only way the sport contributes to increased contraceptive sales. In March it was reported that a stunning one billion condoms were needed in South Africa, and 40,000 sex workers are estimated to work during the tournament.








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^ am I the only one who thinks your screenname is rather phallic?


I've always thought of that. When I first talked to her I thought she was some horny 12 year old girl.

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