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What have you learned today?

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:laugh3:Come on over- the time difference just means you wont be late !

Friends place is downtown Portland- which means after the fun, we all head over to Voodoo Donuts, I will save you a maple bacon donut:D


Ha, well the regime means I can't. Will it save for a month or so?

How much are flights? If you pay travel I'll be your slave.

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Erk....uh.....how to prove triangles are congruent, some stuff about masculine and feminine Spanish nouns...about Caperinicus....how to make tables for radioisotope half-lives....about the heart and cancer....and how I look like a zombie when I sing. :thinking:

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1. Take piece of tape.

2. Dip tape in glitter.

3. Stretch arm, hold tape in front of you.

4. Walk up stairs at school.

Don't ask.






I learned that people don't really care that mountain goats aren't really goats. :|

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