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Where did you hang out on the internet before being on coldplaying?/How did you hear about Coldplayi

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OMFG, RuneScape. One of my best guy friends was like, a three-digit level on that game.


My brother is Level 98 :uhoh:


I've tried runescape but they kill you if you talk or spam.

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Coldplaying I think I found through the Google Express


Before Coldplaying I was on some animation site


Most are wolf-obsessed 12s though


But that's okay


It's entertaining

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What a long title.


I used to hang out with some metal geeks in a MMORPG game that called themselves The Wolf Clan.

But then I moved to another house and didn't have internet for a year, and when I came back they weren't there anymore.


And then I started liking Coldplay, and LadyBellaStrawberry on Yahoo Answers told me about Coldplaying.


And ta-da here I am.

before coldplaying?

there's even a time before that era?


i only used internet for info, so no chat, or so here. i used to spend a lot more time reading and writing.


one day looking for info about coldplay i ended here, it took me more than a month since i started posting.

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I used to hang around davidtennant.net :uhoh:

Not sure how I found out about this place. Musta been through Google.




That's pretty much the reason I started posting :P

I PMed a load of people who were on the online list, asking them to send me Bsides.


Haha you PMed me! I was only new to the site then too :awesome:

I joined coldplaying the day after my first ever coldplay concert, because my love for them turned into an obsession that night :P

And I wanted to see if anyone else on here had gone, to see their photos/vids :D

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:P I used to hang out at gaiaonline. Now I never visit there anymore... :laugh3:


I found Coldplaying via google and first found out that it's a great place to check the latest news, then started stalking around the forum and then made this account.

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oh wow! nice question! well i used to hang out on ebaumsworld and lazylaces...


i found this place on google when i googled coldplay and i've hung out here ever since...well i was away for some years though but got on anytime i could!

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^^ I tried Gaia.com at one point. It didn't really work for me, I don't think. :thinking:

What's that website about?




I first went to Coldplaying when a friend and I looked up the lyrics for The Scientist in 2004 but I joined the forum much later on when someone on the official Coldplay forum recommended it as the best one of the bunch.

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